Tuesday, February 9, 2010


just be glad you don't live with us right now. if you did you would be surviving the graham plague 2010. it all began sunday 3 a.m.ish with me holing up in the ole bathroom with the worst stomach virus i can remember EVER having. we farmed matilda out to my parents, to which my dad said, "did you just send us a virus in a really cute pink package?" at this point i was praying that it was food poisoning so that no one else would get it, but sure enough later that afternoon we got the dreaded phone call that matilda was throwing up. yup. first time in almost 17 months that matilda has ever been sick:(. sam was the best caretaker. as i shivered and sweated and well, i'll spare you, he was right there. two days later and 3 a.m.ish, sam's praying to the porcelain gods. meanwhile, we missed jake's going away party, but luckily (fingers crossed) still got to hug his neck last night because his flight got delayed due to weather. sam had a crazy busy work week and i feel horrible that he is now zombielike on our cootie bed.

hope you aren't eating!

on a much lighter note we booked our hotel and i could not be more excited! now all i want to do is buy really pretty things to wear on our lovey dovey trip...

i would love a pair of these.

swedish hasbeens

to wear with this.


and this.

and because i'm an accessory girl...


and what outfit would be complete without this?


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Heather O'Dell said...

You are going to love love love Savannah. I grew up about 50 miles from there and it's one of my favorite cities! Enjoy!

passport in my pocket said...

You're gonna have a blast, girl! And cute yellow jacket... did you splurge on anything for the trip?

Also loving that you & Heather chat....! :)

Miss you and hope you guys are feeling 100% soon.

katie k said...

girl I hope you get better soon, cause I wanna come see you! and just wanted to let you know my mom emailed me to tell me she LOVEs that scarf you have on your etsy. I agree:) anyway, I thought you'd like to hear that my mom thinks your tha bomb too:)

bonjouritsjinah said...

I feel like this has been the hardest winter of sickles for everyone I know! Yuck.