Wednesday, March 10, 2010

do in savannah

this here will be the last installment of the savannah city guide. hope you'll get to experience savannah soon. we loved it.

DO a ghost tour. we had the famous robert edgerly who was as old savannah as it gets and full of creepy stories and a historian to boot! we even shared a drink with him in a haunted hotel. fantastic!

DO get your drinks to go. every bar has plastic cups for your roadies.

have you tried an old fashioned? i suggest you do.

DO soak up all of the beautiful flowers and greenery. the gardens in savannah are similar to charleston and there is no shortage of vines on houses. one of my favorite things.

DO be careful walking on cobblestone in high heels.

these stairs were particularly frightening!

DO spend lots of time admiring the incredible architecture and ironwork. stunning.

if this house wasn't haunted i'd want to live here. i still do actually.

DO spend an entire day at forsyth park like we did.

DO take silly pictures of each other in front of a turquoise building.

DON'T wait in ridiculous lines for overly fried food.

as you can tell i'm not really in to typically "touristy" things. i basically just like to walk around and eat!

make sure you enter the giveaway. time a tickin'!

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jen said...

oooooh, i've always wanted to do a ghost tour, but i might be too chicken!

walking around and eating are the best things to do on vacation, seriously!

Iva said...

super fabulously gorgeous pictures!!! full of sun and lovely colors!!

Erin said...

where oh where did you get your sun glasses lady? they are fab-u!

homemade grits said...

the lady at the hotel said i was groovy. loved it! i got them at duhduhduh urban:)

my name is lauren. said...

i've just been perusing through your past posts and your blog is freaking fantastic. just thought i'd let you know. i'm a follower now :).


hannah | honey & jam said...

Ohhh, Savannah is one of my very favorite places, your post has me wanting to visit!

The Lady and Sons is over hyped and over prices, for sure, but it's also pretty darn tasty. I managed to go one night when there wasn't a line! Not worth waiting, though. That's for sure!