Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hello march.

breakfast. my grammy's banana bread via my mama.

what i woke up to...

my little walker holding a picture of her daddy as a baby

baby sam

as you may be able to tell...it is snowing. again. it is really beautiful, but i have MAJOR cabin fever. toddlers indoors all day is not ideal. when we went outside to look at the snow this morning, matilda did not want to come back in. there is something magical about snow, but i'm looking forward to some (hopefully) warm savannah weather.

what should we do in savannah? where should we eat?

i've really enjoyed checking out some new blogs here lately. here are some blogs of recent followers:

two downings a day

tales of me and the husband

olive my life!

lacy like

thanks so much for reading. i'm always so flattered to see a new face and to get a peek in to all of your beautiful lives. i'm going to be linking to new blogs once a week. stay tuned!

**thanks for all the shoe advice! i wore them. they're lovely, even if it was 15 degrees too cold to have them on!

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wishful nals said...

love all the photos! happy march! :)

Angel said...

Happy March! We are finally seeing some grass from under all this snow.

We loved Savannah when we were there a couple of years ago. We ate at the Lady and Sons. If you do that I would recommend ordering from the menu and not getting the buffet.

lindsey said...

i cant believe its snowing at your house. only rain rain here.

Anna said...

your daughter is so beautiful! I hope I have a baby girl someday so I can sew fun little dresses :)

Bridget said...

hey, thanks for the shout out - and your daughter and her outfit are ADORABLE!

bonjouritsjinah said...

Lesley, is that a new dress I spy on Matilda? She is getting so big!

And I'm going to Savannah the weekend after this one. I am usually all about shopping there--there are really neat little antique and vintage clothing stores. My favorite is the Paris Market. You can sip an iced tea and munch on handmade marshmallows while looking at beautiful antique wares from around the world!

And for food, I end up eating at different restaurants every time I visit. Last time I went, some of Markus' friends took us to this place called Sweet Potatoes and it was super yummy. Southern food with a sweet potato of the day!

Krizzle said...


This was a great restaurant that Brian and I went to last year.

lauren b. said...

look at miss til! omg. omg. omg.

LN said...

SoHo South! It's this adorable lunch place/curiosity shop with great great food and a really interesting decor. I think you would really dig it.