Tuesday, April 6, 2010

berry awesome

so, i don't think i should have a job that involves naming adult beverages. i wanna hear your names so we can properly deem this bad boy. a few of you asked for the drink recipe. you ask, you receive.

my sister is the mixmaster and usually in charge of the drinks at family gatherings. she made a beautiful fruit salad.

and my dad and i were pretty insistent that we wanted margaritas too (we may or may not had threatened to hold out on helping her move).

{name me!}

follow the instructions on your favorite bottle of margarita mix.

add fresh blueberries, rasberries, and blackberries.

add tequila (or not if you prefer, but i do not prefer)

garnish with your favorite fruit. i love it with a kiwi.

happy tuesday! if it's as warm as it is here in your neighborhood you may need to whip up some of these tonight!

© copyright homemade grits


passport in my pocket said...

oh yum. Can't wait to cheers your glass in just a week or so! :)

the southern hostess said...

Yum. I could use one of these today.

jdavissquared said...

that looks seriously delish!

Bridget said...

yes pleease.

i'm naming it.. 'the berryita'

nah thats totally dumb and it is like a double e which just does not roll off the tongue easily.

Kelly and Kelly said...

yum, that looks so good! I think I'll make some alcohol free to enjoy during the pregnancy.

Claire Kiefer said...

I know what I'm gonna ask Rach to make me as soon as I get off the plane in June! :) How'd it get so perfectly blended!? Did she use a blender?

Julia said...

That margarita looks SO good!

hiking in stilettos said...

YUM! definitely on this weekend's to-do list!

lauren b. said...

mmm ... that looks so, so yummy.

p.s. i can't come up with a name that's not too embarrassing to publish. maybe berry awesome isn't so bad after all.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Yum! Love the kiwi on the side.

beki said...

I'm never NOT in the mood for a margarita...and the berries make it healthy ;-)

Nishant said...

Can't wait to cheers your glass in just a week or so!
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