Tuesday, May 18, 2010

emma watson| teen vogue

this very well may be one of my favorite shoots of all time. it was the inspiration for our little shoot on sunday.

insanely beautiful. the rich colors, textures, the estate! i don't think i've ever confessed my love for teen vogue on here before, but they have some of the best styling around. olivia loves it too.

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DapperPaper said...

wow, that is so glamorous and gorgeous: the colors, the clothes, the estate,...those tiny ponies!
Don't tell me I need to subscribe to Teen Vogue?! not another magazine!
But with shoots like this...i may just have to!

Caroline said...

So beautiful!!! Oh and I sent your package today!! XO

Silver Strands said...

WOW! The colours are so vibrant, I love that plum is a constant in all of the photos.

Emma Watson is such a beautiful girl and such a great role model for younger girls, it's nice that Teen Vogue is featuring girls with high morals. One of my daughter's best friends goes to college with Emma Watson and says that she is very friendly and personable.

Great post!

Dandelion and Grey said...

Oh my GOODNESS. I love it all!! Emma is gorgeous and this shoot is ridiculously beautiful!

Osayi Endolyn said...

So...my first thought was, Les reads Teen Vogue? And then I was like, OF COURSE SHE DOES lol xo


Down and Out Chic said...

she is just the cutest and those jewel tones are fantastic.

Off The Peg said...