Thursday, July 8, 2010

team france

one of my dearest and oldest friends, isabelle, came to visit last week along with her boyfriend xavier, brother olivier, and his girlfriend carole. isabelle and i were exchange students. we met when we were 15. we could barely communicate and now isabelle is so great at english (me...not so great at french) and i just adore her. we are able to keep up with each other's lives with our blogs and email, but having her here made me realize how much i miss her.

isabelle et carole

tourists in atlanta

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olivia rae said...

so awesome!! i was able to hang out with my sister's french exchange student in paris (they also met when they were 15) and it makes me so happy that you guys still keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

really nice pictures !
remind me the best time !
That's funny to see an Olivia's comment 'cause I left a coment on her blog too, few days ago !
(because she past a night in Toulouse !).

Miss you so much...
The week is awful...and I'm ready for the week-end !



kristina dutton said...

i especially love the "tourists in atlanta" pic, im sure they loved that! haha

Nicole* said...

i've tried to pet those same sting rays! isn't the atlanta aquarium the coolest? looks like y'all had tons of fun :)

Down and Out Chic said...

oh yay isabelle! it so good to see photos of her and to know you two are still buddies. love it! have a great weekend my friend.

wishful nals said...

so sweet! it's so great to keep in touch with old friends. looks like you had a great time!