Wednesday, August 25, 2010


it's not very often that i make something for a boy. most of my friends have girls, with the exception of a few. i love boys. they are so sweet, they give you the biggest hugs, they're fun! i just don't make things for them on the regular. i have a lot of people asking me when i will. to tell you the truth, i can hardly catch my breath right now. i am going to be taking a mini break from custom orders just until i can get caught up. back to boys. my cousin and his wife are expecting a little blue bundle so i made baby tanner a couple of soft bibs. i made some like this for matilda and they're our favorite.

each bib is backed with supercozy cream fleece. i used piping for the first time on the gingham bib and then applied the letter "t" with some interfacing and a quick zigzag stitch.

i always love to hear suggestions on what to make for boys. i find it to be a challenge!

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jdavissquared said...

boys are hard! those are super darling bibs though, i'm sure they'll love them!

McMel said...

so cute! would be sweet on my little boy. hmm. hats? rompers? i bet you could make some adorable rompers. cloth diaper covers?

Amy said...

Just some brainstorming ideas...maybe for older boys?

small tote (for matchbox cars and such), pj pants, art smock, cooking apron, tool apron, superhero cape.

For the babies, I love the rompers idea! How about a diaper holder with matching burpie cloth?

Have a great day!