Sunday, October 31, 2010

bon a petit

happy halloween! i must say it was a success at the graham household. all i wanted was a picture of matilda wearing her full outfit (let's just say i didn't think it would happen). my friend jen found the patterns here for the hat and apron and thought it would be fun if all of the girls went as chefs.

matilda has mastered "trick or treat" and now we all feel a little like this. i let myself have whatever candy i wanted tonight and now i'm feeling a wee bit sick. good night!

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Osayi Endolyn said...

Oh goodness, that Matilda cracks me up! She is workin' the chef look, kudos Les.

AJ said...

i saw a woman dressed as a chef, too... she made her hat out of a sheet of computer paper and 1 paper towel, but it looked amazing. i was so impressed!

ashley maureen said...

very cute! i should tuck this idea away for next year. glad i found your blog!