Wednesday, November 17, 2010

gardening 101: winter greens

even though the cupboard (weird word) was literally bare, i was so thrilled to be able to walk out to my garden and snip my lunch. sam planted all winter greens for the fall/winter. we've had a healthy dose of rain, so they've been really thriving. i love having a mix of nutty chard and spicy mustard greens. they made a fantastic salad, which i topped with a pink lady.

the easiest way to clean greens is to dunk them in a bowl of water. all of the dirt sinks to the bottom. i then pat them dry with a thick dish towel and eat them right away.

ps i can not get enough of gruyere cheese right now.


the southern hostess said...

Your salad sounds fantastic! Love this post.

Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

That does sound delicious, salad is probably my favorite food ha. I want to garden so badly!

Natalie said...

Everything looks (and sounds) delicious. I so need you to teach me all of your garden knowledge! I want a garden one day :)