Sunday, November 7, 2010



craving: peaceful spaces for practicing yoga. with all of the hustle bustle/email/facebook/texting/phone ringing etc i just want to stretch and listen to the sound of nothing, or a trickling fountain. either one will do.

this weekend was spent dining here with good friends. omg the flank steak salad was the bomb. ps find a half off coupon here. followed by coffee and cake here. we had the best waitress in town!

the boys spent saturday resurrecting a playground for the girls. the weather has gotten so chilly, so the fabulous katie made delicious white bean chili for pre-bon fire nourishment. i had my first hot toddy. my neighbors are the best. we had quite a few laughs and even heard a few juicy stories (making out to kenny g...anyone?).

lastly, we spent sunday as a family. holy crazy concept. we went shopping together and ate together and went and celebrated parker's 2 birthday together. it was such a cute party. wish i hadn't forgotten my camera. matilda had her fair share of m&m's and was saying "i crunk" until i put her to bed and then i could hear her cackling for a good 30 minutes after...

it feels like it's midnight. time changes are so weird.

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Katie Weber said...

First - I want to go wherever those pictures you found are - incredible. Second - I'm laughing out loud reading your post! We had so much fun with you guys!

Claire Kiefer said...

time changes are so weird and it totally feels so late. But my day of chipped tooth and apartment flood has been made better by the thought of Matilda shouting I CRUNK. love that girl! and her mama.

Between Blue and Yellow said...

I totally thought you were saying "Scoutmom", so I'm searching all over for this site! Thanks for the correction.

jdavissquared said...

I'm starting yoga classes tonight, and I'm SO EXCITED!

Hate the time