Tuesday, November 23, 2010

weekend in ellijay

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we spent the weekend celebrating my dad's birthday in ellijay, georgia. we found this magical cabin here. it was perfect weather and a wonderful way to welcome my handsome brother, jake, home from americorp!

- our incredible view. we were literally on top of rainbow mountain.
- i loved the knotty pine ceilings.
- my daddy, aging very gracefully.
- i was so excited when i found this bottle of poppy wine, and that is the best damn cake i've had in a long time. first spotted at parker's 2nd birthday party.
- rachel spent the majority of the weekend in this position. the charley harper puzzle she gave me was so hard! we gave up once we got to the sky.
- matilda looking like a little cherub in the loft. she loved climbing around up there.
- springer mountain looks like a fairy land.
- what can i say? i love this man.
- i love my family and that matilda looks touched by an angel.

{not pictured: matilda stepping in dog poop and freaking out, us having too much wine fun in the not-so-hot tub, sam's pipe being thrown over the porch railing by my assistant in crime, matilda singing in her sleep. (read: i.got.very.little.), me gagging and watching this through my fingers, and lastly the beautiful amicalola falls (i forgot my camera and my wonderful husband drove home to get it).}


Between Blue and Yellow said...

What a fun trip, looks beautiful! Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving :)

Kate Kiefer said...

looks dreamy! glad you guys had fun!

Natalie said...

great pictures! Happy late birthday to your Dad! Love the wine selection...

Anonymous said...

this is so funny. I'm laughing about Matilda singing in her sleep and the not-so-hot hot tub.
And the picture of Tilda with that beam of light on her! Wow!

Down and Out Chic said...

oh i love these photos and jake is quite handsome! happy birthday to your sweet dad.

Claire Kiefer said...

Okay okay okay. I need some structure.
1. Happy birthday to your handsome daddy.
2. Matilda does look touched by an angel in that last picture!
3. I miss north Georgia.
4. Rach looks precious in her plaid.
5. That pic of you and Sam is so sweet!
6. Almost as sweet as "Poppy" wine!!!
7. Promise me a night of too much wine/fun next month??
I'm gonna call you later today. Love you so much.

oliepants said...

I love the pics and the puzzles! :) It's been so long since I've done one. Brings back so many memories!

olivia rae said...

that pic of you and your hubs made me want to cry. SO sweet. and beautiful! xoxox