Tuesday, January 4, 2011

january 2011

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it's no surprise that getting organized is on the top of the list for many a harried folk come the new year. the graham household is no exception and although i love a pretty calendar, i prefer one that's functional. i really like the idea of using clipboards to host each month's to dos and who doesn't love the use of chalkboard squares? we're planning on constructing some way to keep all of our schedules in tow. with dinner dates, meetings, and classes all coming up it helps to know that they will all be written down in one place.
do you have any favorite calendar sources?


Annette said...

Although I love all these clever ideas visually, nothing beats my iphone, it even has an alarm for events and such...

Claire Kiefer said...

organization most definitely tops my list this year. I am a mess! I forget bills, parking tickets, when I've committed to social stuff, etc . . . it's ridiculous. I am so not a planner by nature (I'm more fly by the seat of your pants), but all the more reason for me to have great calendars and such to keep me in line!