Wednesday, February 23, 2011

guest post: dr. jennifer conway

{photo taken by hamilton wetzel, my favorite shopping tool}

today i am so proud to welcome dr. jennifer Conway. jen is my good friend and is a wellness consultant that specializes in nutrition response testing and designed clinical nutrition. she believes that lifestyle and food choices are paramount in the healing process. i have learned so much from Jen and am so happy that we are friends. she has inspired me in so many ways to make changes in my life. today she has whipped up a post on healthy grocery shopping tips as well as she's included this shopping list! thanks jen!

If you are looking for ways to improve your health, the first stop is the grocery store. but before you grab your reusable bags and head out the door, it is best to have a few goals in mind - or better yet, write them down!

Instead of fulfilling the needs of your cravings, desire to feed your family in ways that nourish and strengthen their minds and bodies. Educate yourself on foods that heal and it will change the way you think about and shop for food.

Eating healthy can be more affordable than you might think. A study was just done that states you can meet the daily requirements of 4 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables for around $2.50 per day (based on the average shopping experience).

If you eliminate snacky-junk food, packaged or pre-made foods and sugary drinks that will more than make up for the transition into eating healthy, fresh and even organic foods.

Getting organized will make this process more convenient and gradually make changes so that you do not get overwhelmed.

Here you can find a Healthy Shopping List. Give yourself a pat on the back for the things you are already doing! Then incorporate one new thing each week.


McMel said...

thanks for this great list. we already eat pretty healthy, and are trying to eat healthier, but it is hard with just 1 of us working and a baby. my husband nearly lost it when i got back from the grocery store the other night. it's hard. i'd love to shop @ whole foods exclusively, but i went a couple weeks ago and spent $45 just on bison meat, some chips, baby snacks and lara bars... ouch

my #1 goal is to start planting a garden this spring- i know that growing our own veggies and herbs will cut down in costs if i am successful!

love the shopping list- knock knock is awesome. i used their "fill in the blank" wedding thank you's for my bachelorette party. they're hilarious.

Brittany said...

i just found your blog and absolutely love it! so inspiring!

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