Monday, April 18, 2011


hello monday. the weekend came and was gone before we knew it. we celebrated jessica's 30th birthday which meant i got to see some of my best friends multiple times this weekend, which was awesome. we even took matilda to the laser show! we didn't last until the actual "event," but stone mountain was much more beautiful than i remembered.

sam worked his behind off making really awesome shelves for the office which means... we are almost done!

i've been looking for the perfect rug, something matilda could play on that would also hold up to high traffic. i love flor and found this picture before finding the exact design on their website. don't you love when that happens?

it looks like maybe one of the tile colors is different, but i love them both. a flor store is opening in atlanta this month in my shop's neighborhood. can't wait!


Claire Kiefer said...

Baby Henry's parents had one of those rugs with carpet "tiles"--it looked cool, and also made for extremely easy cleaning (which was the appeal for them, with a baby and a dog).

Happy bday Jessica! This is the year we all turn 30. Yikes. And Nana turns 80 and Mama turns 50!

Alesya said...

I just got Flor's latest catalog in the mail. Its seems like their choices keep getting better and better. Loved to see how you're using it!

Bridget said...

looove flor- and to be able to get rid of ONE piece in case it gets stained! genius!

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

Love Flor and love your choice!