Friday, September 30, 2011

friday senses// 2

seeing - little cuties at the fourth annual lovebugs shoot with our labor of love this weekend. this photo is from the shoot a year and a half ago. matilda has changed so much!
hearing - the new bon iver. dreamy.
tasting - leftovers from these two recipes from oh she glows: detox salad and creamy roasted tomato, onion, and garlic coconut soup. amazing.
touching - new fabric. i adore screen printed fabric!
smelling - spicy tea and roasted vegetables (my new favorite cooking technique - roasted garlic).
reading - this book by n.t. wright.

see other friday senses here.

would love to hear yours...
have a particularly fabulous weekend.


Claire Kiefer said...

Matilda looks so different but she has always been beautiful. :)

I'm tasting good strong coffee, hearing Wagon Wheel by OCMS (can't stop listening to this song lately), touching my favorite Gap Body bathrobe, reading Little Bee (it's taking me forever but it's so good). Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

eek! my kids are little cuties. that book is fantastic. n.t. wright is such heavy reading, but so worth it. nice to see you IRL! you looked so stylish and pretty (you should definitely post outfits occasionally).

:) deAnna

homemade grits said...

@deAnna. you are too.sweet. you sure do have some cuties. i cannot wait to see how their pictures turned out! you guys are awesome.