Monday, September 19, 2011

mathilda and the orange balloon party diys

here are all of the diys from matilda's party.

for the whoopie pie toppers i used martha stewart's starburst paper punch to cut out circles of orange construction paper and then used double stick tape to attach it to toothpicks. super easy. the bodoni stamp set i used is also martha stewart.

i found the straw flag template on pinterest (thanks for all the inspiration internet). it was super user-friendly. tip: if you want to do sayings like we did make sure you start the phrase in the second box because that will be the front of the flag. learned that the hard way. i just used scissors to cut the end into a flag shape. we had a blast coming up with things like: "party til you poop" "play hard, nap longer" "tilda is three" "get crunk" etc.

water bottles can be an eye sore so i knew we wanted to make them look prettier (sam was so concerned). i bought avery stick-on labels and we had the bottles say: "hip hip hooray!". easy and much cuter, i think. we also used the same labels for the bubbles which i jazzed up with a little baker's twine (love that stuff).

the goodie bags were really simple to whip up. i was inspired by these. just used scrap fabric in coordinating colors and filled them with party favorites like star-shaped glasses, play dough, glow bracelets, and stickers!

i had a blast making these ruffled streamers. they were an amazing breath of fresh air in the studio. i could literally zone out while orange and cream streamers ruffled themselves. only bum-out is one of the streamers unraveled, but with the super-star double stick tape and some scissors no one was the wiser.

we took an old bed cover from urban outfitters to use for the back drop. originally we used plastic grommets to attach the rope, but they all ripped, so you can see the downfall of the back drop as the pictures progress...

resources and recipes coming tomorrow!


blueeyedfreckle said...

Super cute Lesley! Love the color scheme!

jodi said...

looks fabulous, I love seeing all the party planning details & how it all came together. You guys did a great job! We wish so much we could have been there. So hard to believe that I was visiting you in the hospital *three* years ago. CRAZY!! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating sweet til's birthday. xo

Down and Out Chic said...

oh i love this lesley! those whoopie pies are making my mouth water. what an amazing party!