Tuesday, October 11, 2011

blogging tips + tricks part 2: communicating

one of the hardest parts about blogging is getting your name out there. there's nothing worse than working your butt of on a post and seeing that big, fat 0 in the comments section.

when i follow these simple rules, i always see my numbers go up:
-post on a regular schedule. if that means three times a week, then post three times a week but try to post on the same days: ex mon, wed, fri.
-tweet and facebook new blog posts.
-if applicable, pin your own posts. i've found this works best for style boards, crafts, and recipes. i've seen a huge jump in visitors since the invention of pinterest.
-be nice. being approachable and responding to people's questions helps you build relationships. i've met so many cool people through blogging. you know something that really helps when it comes to me responding to y'alls questions? doing this small little thing.
-taking time to thoughtfully comment on other blogs that inspire you. i will tell you that i can smell a chronic commenter from a mile a way. wanna hear my biggest pet peeve? leaving a comment and then asking people to check out your giveaway. i have a lot of blogging pet peeves but i'll leave you with that tasty morsel.

i'll talk in more detail later about social media, but for now do you use google analytics? you should. you can't chart growth if there's nothing to measure it by.

did i leave something out? you.tell.me.
what keeps you coming back to your favorite blogs?

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Katie said...

how do you use google analytics if you have blogger? i tried once and got the impression that it wasn't for blogger users.... but, judging by the fact that you are a blogger user, i'm assuming that's not the case... help a girl out?

homemade grits said...

katie- here's a helpful link:
good luck!

Neil | Butterfield said...

Nice post, you left out to be chatty, which you certainly have perfected here :-) nice post.

homemade grits said...

thanks neil. i think...;)

passport in my pocket said...

YES the giveaway comments drive me NUTS... and I agree with you on your points. My favorite blogs are written by people who seem authentic, kind, and share something relevant to my interests...

Claire Kiefer said...

I never look at google analytics, how many people are looking at my blog, etc. I notice when people follow or unfollow my blog b/c it shows up on my actual blog in the GFC box, but otherwise, I don't pay attention.

People who comment and say "please follow me!" are the worst. I gotta say though that I appreciate people who comment on my blog regularly. Especially those whose blogs I read and love. A pet peeve for me is when I comment daily on someone's blog and they email me back a response, but they never visit or comment on my blog.

Natalie said...

I love this post, and I might just have to piggy back on it someday soon! I agree -- there is really nothing worse than working SO hard on a post...and no one comments. I wish blogger made it easier to comment on posts -- I feel like that is the #1 reason why people don't bother. A lot of my friends read my blog, and TELL me when they enjoyed something, though, which is just as nice. It feels good to know that people are still reading, even if they don't comment all the time.

Bri Emery recently wrote a similar post, and the 2 things I took away with it --

1. Don't do giveaways just in hopes of getting new followers. If someone emails you wanting to give something away that doesn't go along with your brand -- like a random gift certificate to a local restaurant -- just say no. I've definitely been guilty of this in the past, and a, it doesn't help get that many followers, and b, a couple of my giveaways have been SO random -- I should've just stayed away (very far away).

2- tweeting blog posts -- because your followers want to know when you have something new on your blog!

At first, I didn't like tweeting or pinning my posts because I felt like it was a little braggy (?) in some way, but since everyone else is doing it, I've jumped on the bangwagon :)

Thanks again for writing such an insightful post (as always!) xoxo

homemade grits said...

@claire- i TOTALLY agree with you about people just emailing instead of taking the time to check out your blog. annoying, unless you asked specific question to which i think it's a-okay to email the response to make sure they know you answered their question.

@natalie- YES the giveaways are a struggle. i have said no to a lot of them and people can be really pushy. i also agree that blogger makes it difficult but i prefer it to having to put my email, blog, name, etc in the comment form. also, brag on sister. i agree with you that it felt silly at first, but i always click on people's links and sometimes i forget to go to their blogs. go girl!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Your communication is right on the money. I sent you an email a few months ago about a Paleo diet, and you emailed me right away. Awesome! I didn't go with Paleo, just smaller portions and cleaner eating. Trimming down every week!

homemade grits said...

thanks for the super nice compliment jennifer! proud of you.

Dixie Caviar said...

I'm in the same boat... I find myself wanting to see growth on my blog. Unfortunately, you really have to put yourself out there to FIND your readers. They won't just flock to you if you sit on your butt, typing away at the keyboard and not joining in.

Blogging is a community; it's a two way street. I'm working on that. Sometimes I feel kind of lame just randomly tweeting to a stranger... But in the end, what do I have to lose?

Thanks for your thoughtful posts about blogging (and beyond). I always appreciate your honesty!

P.S. I'm a regular reader of Homemade Grits. Now I'm going to start commenting more!