Friday, October 14, 2011

instagram actions

so, i am totally addicted to instagram. i admit it. it's my current favorite social media. did you know you can look at it online through statigram? in case the app isn't enough for you, i discovered these free instagram actions through this cute blog.

i chose to use my two favorite actions: nashville and early bird. you can also choose whether or not to add a border. surprisingly lord kelvin ain't all that bad without the sketchy white border. who knew?

ps my friend lindsey made this dress for matilda. isn't it perfect?

happy weekend.


Paige said...

Thank you for sharing!

Your Southern Peach said...

Thank Lesley! I am loving Instagram too since getting my new iphone. Thanks for the heads up on these additional apps.

Any other fav apps you like (non Instagram) related? I did see you mention "Don't forget the milk."

Happy Weekending!


Claire Kiefer said...

I've been resisting instagram cause the pics look blurry/unfocused to me. But since you love it, and you're into good photography, maybe I'll break down and give it a chance. :)

Matilda's dress is adorable. :)

cathy@home said...

Lovely little dress and thanks for the link

nicole bruno said...

Thanks for the link. Great free app! And love your blog! Long time reader, first time commenter. From reading your blog tips, I realized that I should start commenting on things I like.
So just know you have lots of silent followers who adore you (me included)!

Janna Renee said...

First, I clicked on your blog because it said "Grits". As I am from the South, I was drawn right in ;) Second- I LOVE Instagram...Thanks for the tip about Statigram! I hadn't heard of that!

Anonymous said...

You can also check your instagram thru