Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day two (countdown to thanksgiving)

today i am thankful for:
-finished projects! these two tiny fete dresses were a custom order by a friend's boyfriend. that's right. how thoughtful is he? he had such cute ideas: an austin inspired dress for the little girl of a friend who lives in austin. an apron dress with detachable apron for a co-worker who's having a little girl and loves to cook. i mean, come on. makes me happy just thinking about these little ladies wearing their dresses.
-warby parker's home try-on. we had just a little fun trying on all of the glasses. exhibit a. exhibit b. i think i narrowed it down.
-starting new family traditions. my cousin kathy told me that she keeps a thanksgiving journal and each year every family member writes down what they're thankful for and then they read over the past years. love this idea. little ones can just draw something!
-the she and him christmas album. isn't zooey everyone's girl crush?! sam has a rule about no christmas music until after thanksgiving. when he's at work matilda and i watch things like elf ("bbuuuuurrrrrrrppppppppppppp" "did you hear that?") and blast the jingly christmas tunes!
-healthy babies and new mamas and daddys. i was so thrilled to be able to catch up with karina and hear all about her new baby boy. babies... what little life changers.

i wanna hear what you're thankful for!

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