Monday, November 28, 2011

surviving the holidays part 2: stress


a mile long to-do list + a booked calendar = stress. the holidays are my absolute very favorite time of year, but sometimes i can get so swept up in the hurriedness that i miss what i love the most: spending time with family and friends, cheesy Christmas music, the magic of the lights at night, the mystery of the birth of Christ and the joy of dear old santa.

here are some ways to make the most of the season without losing your mind:
1. start shopping early. if you get your list knocked out you'll be less stressed and spend less. waiting til the last minute equals spending more money on most likely a gift that you aren't in love with.
2. MAKE time for exercise. getting out those endorphins is crucial. whether it's a long walk, a hike, riding your bike, running, practicing yoga, etc. make it fun!
3. eat well and your body will feel happier.
4. order cards early and get them mailed. this makes me feel ultra accomplished knowing that we're sending joy to people we love. i ADORE getting cards in the mail.
5. try not to overcommit. this can be tricky. i hate to say no or to hurt anyone's feelings, but we can't do it all.
6. consider a gift exchange if you have a big family or just sharing a meal together instead of exchanging gifts. quality time is the best present, right?
7. having quiet time to rest the soul.
8. make time to celebrate as a family. we are using the advent calendar to do something special each day.

side note: i tend to feel really guilty about overindulging during the holidays. as simple as i try to make it, i feel like we are constantly fighting to eat healthy. it's so hard sometimes.

how do you deal with the stress of the holidays?


Alexandra Hunt said...

Great tips! We try to finish our Christmas shopping in October - or at least sit down and plan what we'll get for everyone. That way, we still have flexibility for last-minute gift ideas or sales, but we're not stressing on Dec 24! :)

A Splash of Ida said...

Thank you for sharing! With Christmas just a few weeks away, these are just very helpful tips that we need. :-)