Thursday, December 8, 2011

host a craft night

over the past week i was lucky to attend, not one but TWO craft parties. one intimate (as seen here) and one big, festive one. the small, intimate craft night was a birthday/crafting extravaganza. we organized who would bring what for weeks in advance. kate (the birthday girl) hosted, cristen and her sister caryn picked up taqueria, rachel picked up donuts. a few of us brought tons of craft supplies and kate's husband andy mixed fantastic drinks for us.

in addition to using glass ornaments to fill with moss and other woodland accessories, we all brought separate crafts to work on. i focused mostly on my nativity scene. it really was a free-for-all. we had love actually playing in the background and christmas tunes playing in the other room. it was such a great way to get some projects done and be inspired by other crafty ladies.

the big craft party i went to was hosted by rachel from handmade charlotte out on her farm. she asked everyone to bring either an appetizer or a dessert and then she provided TONS of crafting supplies. she had rows of long tables covered in craft paper and everyone shared and spread out and worked off each other's creativity. it was a really great time and rachel's home was just as charming as you would imagine. i especially loved getting to meet her parrot, trouble. "pretty ladies!"

have you ever hosted or attended a craft party? what did you like/dislike about it?


cathy@home said...

I have been one of the hosts at a craft night It was a lot of fun but the worst thing about it I got a back ache from bending all the time to help people.

Claire Kiefer said...

Sounds so fun! I'd need to be with you or someone else crafty though, cause I can't be trusted on my own.

Caroline said...

Looks like so much fun!!!!

rebecca said...

what a fun idea. never done it.... probably cuz I'm not so crafty.

Aubrey said...

this post has been in my google reader forever to inspire me to actually host a craft night. people tell me all the time i should. this looks so fun that i might actually do it.

Lesley said...

you should totally do it aubrey! it's so fun.

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