Monday, December 19, 2011

please note...

with a new year ahead (hello 2012) and a new chapter starting in my life i really want a clean slate. i've been thinking for a LONG time about changing my blog name. i wish i had done it earlier, but basically i've never felt connected to the name "homemade grits." i don't even eat grits. ha! i chose the name when i was casually blogging and pregnant and never knew that this blog would end up being such a creative outlet for me. so i will be ringing in the new year from i have a lot of exciting things in the works (like my first post on making a festive terrarium) and i truly hope that you'll join me! i will also be moving my facebook page to this one. i realize that moving can have its challenges but i'm ready for this new adventure.

thank you as always for all of your support. it's the reason i still want to blog. hope you all have a fabulous 2012!