Tuesday, December 13, 2011

recycled gift wrap

i've finally started wrapping our gifts. with an impending tighter budget i've been trying to pinch where i can. i love wrapping presents and i still want them to look special with or without the fancy paper. for these presents i used a recycled gift box with yarn and a whole foods brown bag with yarn. the finishing touch? popsicle sticks as gift tags. fun and simple and a great way to use of the HUGE bag of popsicles sam bought to make a boat. that's right, he wanted to make a popsicle boat. just one of the many reasons why i love my man. this tool made it extra easy to punch holes in the sticks. happy wrapping!

here's another project where i put the sticks to good use!


mwimp said...

such a great idea!

Claire Kiefer said...

Cute! I'd never expect anything less than adorable wrapping from you. I found the sparkly paper at Michael's (bought silver and gold!), but I can't really bring it home, so it might just have to be for the gifts here. :( Traveling at the holidays--so complicated!

Lesley said...

thanks mwimp!

clairey- love that you bought the glitter paper! it is awesome (a little messy) but awesome. i definitely would not put it in your suitcase. ha! can't wait to see you!!

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