Friday, March 19, 2010

homemade grits ♥ down and out chic

we've been friends since before puberty.

insert embarrasing soft ball pictures here

we're both blogging now:

down and out chic

homemade grits

we both have etsy stores:

down and out chic

homemade grits

and we're slated to share a booth here.

come out and see us!

i will not be taking orders the month of april in order to gear up for the fair. that takes a lot of time you know?

© copyright homemade grits


jdavissquared said...

Oh that's fun! I saw a mention of you on her blog, but I didn't know you went so far back! Small world. {I hear you also know Jodi from Passport in my Pocket} I have no "real-world" blogger friends that I know of!

Jodi Kendall said...

haha, Jen, I just saw your message... Lesley and I met when we worked at Anthropologie in Atlanta back in 2005. Or was it 2006, Les? I can't remember!!! :)

That's awesome about the booth - can't wait to hear how it goes. And to see you in just a few weeks. Mwah.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

That's so sweet! I didn't realize you guys had known each other so long. I did a post about Southern Flourish on my blog, but I didn't even realize that you are a contributor. Congrats, it's a beautiful magazine!

Christina said...

hugs and kisses. i can't wait.