Monday, May 5, 2008

Best Laid Plans

So, after consulting many organization guides and do it all friends I am trying something new. On Sunday I actually planned out my meals for mon-fri and made a grocery list! Novel idea, huh? I was in and out of the grocery store in 30 min and had my first meal ready last night. I made the most delicious Roasted Shrimp and Orzo Salad from the Barefoot Contessa At Home cookbook.

You, too can have your very own onion goggles!

Where's my hand model when I need her?

This is one of my favorite summer time meals, click here for the recipe!

It is no secret that I love the Contessa. I have loved every one of her recipes that I've attempted and I imagine myself in the Hamptons each time I do so.

In other news I have been feeling baby Matilda more and more and I love it.

In other, other news I must get back to Gossip Girl! Little J wore an Anthro sweater tonight!!

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Joyce B said...

Baby Matilda - how sweeeet!

Onion goggles, on the other hand, might scare Matilda.