Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Last weekend, my family and I got some much needed r & r. We headed up to North Georgia to my family's lake house. Earlier this week my feet swelled up like sausages and I needed to kick those babies up! It was a very bittersweet trip. My parents have decided to sell their portion of the house so that they can explore other options so it was our last trip to the lake.

This is what I call heaven!

There was so much water that the ramp was covered! How amazing, considering the drought from last summer.

Claire, busy working on her many projects. She was our special guest for the weekend.

My beautiful sister, Rachel looking very "Coachella"

Simple pleasures, reminds me of my childhood. We ate so well!

Modern great outdoors

I'm getting so huge

I love this picture

Daddy and Guiness

A clump of my favorite people and dog

Two of a kind

Man shawls, it was quite chilly

It took forever to get this shot!


It was so wonderful to get away. So now I am back to reality. Need to clean and grocery shop before I go to work. The grind don't stop:)

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Rachel Kay said...

so sad right now.