Thursday, May 15, 2008

My favorite Perennials

If you know me at all, you know how much I love being in my garden. I love discovering new plants, playing with color, containers, garden art, I thought I would share some of my successes, and what plants I've found to do really well in our Georgia clay.

I love vines, especially clematis. The blooms are so beautiful!

Yarrow, this is one plant, they get huge and bloom until frost!

Echinecea, the most beautiful cottage flowers, drought resistant and long lasting

Veronica, will soon be full of purple spires, Bees love it and so do butterflys!

Lemon Balm and Russian Sage. Lemon Balm can be used in tea and Russian Sage has beautiful purple flowers on gray foliage.

Big Lambs Ear, this variety does not bloom and is so lovely

Lavender, one of my fave faves

Blue Star, voted best Perennial, has quadrupled since last year

Hollyhocks, a cottage favorite

Walkers Low

Lady's mantle, so beautiful when it rains

Hostas on left and Variagated Solomon's Seal


Daylilies, first sign of spring and long blooming

Akebia vine. Fast growing and beautiful

The fruits of our labor. Mama's mother's day bouquet

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Anonymous said...

Better than those garden magazines we longingly looked at last year. I am so proud!