Friday, May 9, 2008

A girl can dream

As a future parent I am trying to be as conscious as a can about making responsible choices. I am trying to use as much vintage as I can (the easiest way to be green is to reuse!) and as eco-friendly as I can. Here are a few of my favorite things, as well as a recent purchase!

I love Haba, they are based out of Germany and they use natural materials, which are great for your baby! I just purchased this adorable pacifier clip:


some other favorites:

Blossoms Pram Chain

Lisa and Rosa teething ring

Ballino grasping toy

Haba toys are not only beautiful to look at, but are functional and absolutely safe for your child. Haba toys are made from hard wood, stained with non-toxic colors and finished with a protective, saliva-resistant, water based varnish for long lasting protection. With a huge variety of Haba toys to choose from we are sure there is something suitable and fun for you child.

BornFree Bottles are all the rage with all the plastic scares.

Shop Bornfree

BornFree™ specializes in producing smart and safe baby products.
BornFree™ has developed a range of products baby bottles, cups and accessories that is totally free of the potentially dangerous chemicals Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates and PVC.

BPA is a known estrogen mimicker that is used in the production of polycarbonate plastic.
According to researchers, BPA may cause developmental and neurological problems if it leaches from plastic. Reports suggest that small amounts of BPA may leach into food or beverages stored in polycarbonate containers, especially when the contents are heated.

In addition, BornFree™'s cups and bottles feature the unique BornFree™ venting system, designed to reduce colic and ear infections.

Another brand I really love is Under the Nile. They have to cutest organic clothes, blankets, toys, and more!

Here are some favorites:

Crib Blanket

So cute!

Veggie crate

Shop Under the Nile

The Little Seed is a great source of all sorts of great products!

Shop The Little Seed

I'm a HUGE fan of Dwell. We have Dwell bedding in our room, the Camelia bedding. I love their prints.

some of my favorite things:

Dots, diaper tote

Charlotte bedding

Hooded towels

Shop Dwell

So, happy browsing. You can tell I'm more interested in the girly things, but have no fear there are plenty of great boy options. The more I weed through the junk to get to the good stuff, the more I want to share. Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!!


Anonymous said...

i got that organic carrot toy for alanna's baby & she loved it!! ecobella has tons of this stuff.... so adorable. i'm a big fan of the wooden toys myself. xoxo jodi

joyce said...

this is a great! now I don't have to wonder what kind of baby gift to get. Maybe buying stock in some of these green companies is a serious consideration.