Sunday, June 15, 2008

CBS Sunday Morning

I'm going to keep pressing the issue of CBS Sunday Morning until it is your new favorite show. Charles Osgood returns! There were some hot topics this morning:

Gay Marriage Debate:
Gay marriage in California is now legal after the ban against gay marriage was struck down. Still controversial. The mayor of San Fransisco will officiate the first legal gay marriage.

OJ Simpson Trial 1995. I still get so disturbed everytime I see him putting on those gloves. What has happened since the trial?
-Johnny Cochran is now dead
-OJ stands trial for his Vegas crime spree

Racial issue, media excess both played their part in the outcome of the trail.

Tony Awards:

The Tony Awards are tonight, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg on CBS. Rodger and Hammerstein's South Pacific, based on a WW2 novel is considered by some to be the greatest musical of all time. The first broadway run was from 1949-1954 making Rodger and Hammerstein household names. They wrote 11 musicals in 10 years, including: Oklahoma and The King and I
Nominated for 11 Tony's tonight.

The Hat:

The history of the hat...famous hats: Indie's hat, Mr. Smith's hat, and Michael Corleone's hat in the Godfather.
Hats are now a big fashion statement. Biggest customers: fashion forward stylemakers and old men. During the 1900's men needed a hat to "face the world." They became more formal in the 30's and 40's, with the rise of the top hat. The derby hat then became huge due to Charlie Chaplin. Al Capone made the fedora famous and chic. Humphrey Bogart embodied the style of the fedora. In 1953 most hats were being rejected by younger men. In Roman Holiday Gregory peck goes hatless starting a new trend. JFK did not bother and is blamed for the demise of the hat. There is now a hat revival with the fedora. It is still a niche market, not everyone will wear hats, they represent individuality.

You tube videos:

See, doggies love Sunday Morning and so should you!

Postcard from North Umberland:

Tony Wilde shoots American squirrels to keep them out of England. He thinks they are killing off the red squirrels. It's a race war, the reds vs the grey. The greys were brought over as a novelty and are invading England. Now there are people trying to take back the reds. There is now a militia to take them out. Too funny! They have killed 10,000 greys so far. Whaa. They claim they do damage as well, stealing bird eggs, etc.


This battle has been going on since 1928.

The neck tie:

Taking a hard hit. Used to be a very popular Father's Day gift, no longer. They show class according to Ben Stein. Politicians, talk show hosts, and late night show hosts all wear ties, making up only 6% of men that do. He urges men to stop dressing like children and stop being slackers.

Get Smart:

Profile on Steve Carrell. From Anchorman to Get Smart. He is soooo funny. He did not have to audition for Get Smart, a remake of the popular 60's tv show. Alan Arkin is also in the movie, he stars as the chief. I loved him in Little Miss Sunshine, which coincidentally also starred Steve Carrell. Carrell stars in the Office, but in real life has never worked in an office. He was a part of a comedy group in Chicago called second city, where he met his future wife. He then went to work for the Daily Show, before starring in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Virgin was Carrell's idea, co-written with Judd Appatow. He is enjoying his success.


Meet the Press host Tim Russert died of a heart attack this past friday at the age of 58. Russert died on the job. Survived by his wife, son, and father.

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Mario said...

Thanks for summarizing CBS Sunday morning. I was getting beautified at the salon Sunday and missed it. "RATS are just squirrels in cuter outfits"-Carrie Bradshaw