Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is right around the corner, this Sunday to be exact. I wanted to find some cool and affordable ways to show our Fathers and Husbands how much we adore them. Dads do so much for their families and they deserve a day to do whatever they want without being nagged, eat delicious food, and relax! Hope this little gift idea book points you in the right direction!

For the music lover:

Let him pick his own favorite music or put together some sweet mixes.


For the dad who loves his lawn, help him do some green gardening:

Clean Air Gardening

For the golf lover (like my Dad):

Get him a round of golf, the ultimate gift!

Golf Courses Guide

For the Dad who loves sporting games:

Get him a custom gun holster, sure to bring a larger than life smile to his face.

Magnolia Leather Works

For the reader:

Give Dad a great read:

Barnes and Noble

or a magazine subscription:


For the ramblin' man:

A travel organizer. I love anything that has a lot of pockets and can be monogrammed and I think Dad will too! Choose the size based on the number of days he'll be gone from 1-2 days to 5+, genius!

LL Bean

If you have any great ideas or creative homemade favorites, let me know and I will post them to share!

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Anonymous said...

now what did I say about lawnmowers!!??

Thanks for the sweet plug!

Beau said...

Clean air gardening!!?? More like Hernia Gardening amirite!

homemade grits said...

alright, alright point lawnmowers!