Friday, June 20, 2008

I need a pool

Good morning everyone! I had another Dr.'s appt this morning. Oh the joys of stepping on the scale, drinking 10 oz of fruit punch syrup, and getting my blood taken. However my lovely doctor has returned from her maternity leave and I was overjoyed to see her. Also, Matilda's little heart is pumping away and I'm measuring right on track. Hooray! I cannot wait to meet her, I think about her all the time. Sometimes I feel like I am dreaming and I will wake up and this large bump will be gone.

I had a lot of questions for my doctor and she had a lot of great answers...

I expressed to her my concern over the rising c-section rates and she said that she understood my concerns but that the fatality rates in mothers and infants was on the decline as a result. Good answer.

She also said that the c-section was a last result in their practice. They follow something called a Friedman's curve which is based on a study done with a thousand pregnant woman so if you fall outside of that norm then they will use medical intervention, but the goal is always a vaginal birth.

I also expressed my concerns about the Pitocin and Epidural usage. She said that if I asked them not to offer me the drugs that they would not. She said that neither of the drugs would affect the baby and that there has never been a case of anyone getting paralyzed by and epidural.

About the Bradley Method, she said it was important to take a class so that you would know the relaxation techniques. She also started cracking up because of the patients she has in the past that had taken the classes. She had one patient that said baby, baby, baby, baby with each contraction. She also said if Sam was naked that she wasn't coming in the room ( the pictures in the book show naked couples, hilarious) and that she had 2 different husbands that were pinching and licking their partners nipples when she walked in the room. I started dying laughing, but she said that it was a natural way to release pitocin, she just didn't want to see it.

She also said I would be hooked up to a monitor, but that it was portable so I could still move around, get in the bath, whatever. I thought that was a real comfort.

So, there you have a few more answers. I have been ordered by Sam to relax. I have been going non stop and my feet are constantly swollen and I have been stressed out about cleaning, planning the perfect yard sale, and my glucose screening. I really need to get myself some pool time in so that I can actually exercise!

So, I shall spend the day with Jessie getting our nails done and eating lunch together. I think we are going to Gabriels so you will have a restaurant review here shortly....

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Anonymous said...

the medical consensus is "All drugs cross the placenta and affect the baby."

other countries did not get their low infant mortality rates from c-sections. this article says that a U.S. study showed infant mortality rates among c-section births were over twice as bad as regular deliveries. This study did not include women with medical risks requiring c-section: of course, sometimes a c-section is lifesaving. This study was about women who did not have a true medical requirement for a c-section.

homemade grits said...

thanks for the info!