Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just like old

If you are interested in new appliances with a vintage appeal, I've scoured the web just for you. I love anything with a retro feel, but I also love knowing that my appliances atleast start clean and new.

Ever since my Aunt Kimberly turned me on to Elmira Stove Works, I still fantasize about owning one of these retro stoves or refrigerators

Only thing is they'll set you back about $4000 a piece!

Elmira Stove Works

These espresso makers would jazz up any makeshift corner bistro!

I love this coffee maker by Hamilton Beach. The creamy banana color is so fun, no need to just go with stainless steel.

This series also has a blender. Here it is in classic 50's red.

Parker's Pantry

Everyone should own a Kitchenaid Mixer in a crazy color. They will inspire you to try out that new cookie recipe you saw in a magazine. You will feel a bit like Martha herself!

Although, Sam would probable not appreciate this one as much, despite his love of all things vintage, I couldn't resist the idea of a pink toaster. However, it does come in other colors!


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jodi said...

love. LOVE that yellow coffee maker!

50s Pam said...

Hi the aquamarine kitchen at the bottom of this post is actually mine. Squidoo is illegally taking credit for it. Can you link this image to my site instead?

You can actually see an entire section where this photo originated - "Pam's Kitchen". Many thanks - Pam