Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spotlight: Plum *Tree* Studio

After my friend Jordan (aka fattycakes) came back from I.C.E. (Indie Craft Experience) at Centennial Park I asked her who some of her favorite artists were and she mentioned Plum *Tree* Studio. Knowing that I am a sucker for anything baby in my current state, Jordan had my number. I did some googling and came across their blog.

Plum *Tree* Studio

I could not resist the amazing appliqued flowers. I love the use of color and texture!

This is my favorite

They also have great options for boys, which is always refreshing.

I love the robots

After looking at their blog I noticed we had a lot in common: gardening, pergolas, southern life...So I thought I'd drop them a line, they meaning Dana, the founder and crafter at Plum *Tree* Studio.

Here is what Dana had to say about her lovely work...

How long have you been in business?

i first started designing appliques for onesies a little less then three years ago. my older sister was adopting a little girl (10 months at the time) from russia and i really wanted to create one of a kind gifts for her (victoria). after victoria arrived, i kept creating designs for onesies and then shirts to accomodate her very fast growing body (she is three and in a 5t...she's tall)....then one day while victoria had on one of my shirts, my sister's friend asked where she got my older sister told her and i got my first "real" order....and well that is how i started

What inspires you?

there are so many things that inspire of them is my inner child...memories (btw...i loved nkotb growing up!!) some other things that inspire me is nature...i sit in my office that faces my backyard and just sketch ideas...i guess another important one is my fellow crafting friends. i think being around another person that crafts even if it is nothing like what you do...helps drive that creativity in anyone...or at least me.

Check out

Plum *Tree* Studio's Etsy

Happy shopping!

Prices range from $18-24

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