Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Baby

In lieu of recent events Sam and I decided to have a day of fun and celebration. We called it "Getting Ready for Matilda" day. We started out at the square for lunch at the New York Deli (yum) and then we walked around and looked at the different artists booths. We then decided to set up our new gear and try to figure out some of our high tech items, ie stroller and car seat...

Here is Sam with his new back pack that he is so happy to have. He was just saying how much he can't wait to hike with Matilda*

Then we set up the new high chair. Guiness was amused!

*Thanks so much Lauren!!

The next project was figuring out how the car seat worked. After some fiddling around it was very easy. I made Sam practice with our bear friend.

Sam did a victory dance when we had figured it out!

Happy baby bear.

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