Sunday, August 10, 2008

I love my husband

Just wanted to take a minute to show the world why I love Sam Graham...

Sam helped put up the frogpod for Matilda
We are both very excited about bath time!
Especially Sam...I can already hear the crazy voices and splashing sounds!
He helped me cut down all of the aphid infected vines. For the record I HATE aphids.
We also tried to wrangle the vines to keep them from taking over the porch.
Look at the grapevines...climbing away. Can't wait to taste them!
This one has made it to the top of the pergola.
We have a new little flower amongst us. I think it is an echinops ritro...
Guiness is always happy to help!

Thank you honey for all of your help today and for being such a great partner. I love you!

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Erin said...

Sam showed his face! Your husband is so very precious. We just love him!