Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spolight: Bebe Au Lait nursing covers

My sweet friend from work, Lauren, gave me the most exciting goody bag you can imagine. I had such a wonderful time looking at all of the adorable things that she put together for us. One of my favorite things was the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover from their Simple line.

These nursing covers are made of organic linen and have a fabulous design.

Shown here in Peacock (which is the color of mine). The stiff neck allows for the mother to see her baby and the generous fabric covers and stays well ventilated. Another feature that I love is the terry cloth pocket in the bottom corner. You can either use the pocket to store nursing pads or to clean up messes. The cover can also be used to protect your baby from too much sun or as a blanket.

I am so excited about getting to use mine. Thanks again Lauren for being so wonderful!

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Lauren said...

Aw, Lesley, thank you for being so wonderful! You are going to be such a fabulous mama--Matilda is so lucky!