Sunday, August 31, 2008

Office Inspiration

I love my husband Sam, all of you know this! However, for a while now there has been something growing between us...the office! It is unorganized, undecorated, chaotic man land. This is why basements were invented! He has completely taken this room over and when we have people over I kindly keep that door shut:) Sam and I had a long weekend together, so I thought "What better time to tackle the office?". I want to paint, but feel overwhelmed by that massive project plus I don't want Sam to have to do it all alone. So, here are my inspirations, I'm pretty limited to just dreaming these days:

design sponge

Since painting is such an ordeal, I like this simple border. We are planning on doing a collage of old photos as well.

apartment therapy

We already have floating shelves, but I like this bohemian look with the maps.


I love the color blocked book shelves.

Calendars, chalk board paint, succulents...yes please!

Love the bright filing cabinets! Sam had the brilliant idea to paint a metal filing cabinet before I saw this...

discover interior design, images: Pottery Barn

Stay tuned for before and after!

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GW said...

Ooh, I love the idea of color blocking books!

carol said...

It all looks so clean and organized. I'm looking forward to see how you work out inspiration to reality.

homemade grits said...

i hope i can give these pictures a run for their money;)