Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Well, today was my "official" last day of work. I think Labor Day is appropriate, don't you? The day went by really fast! We were insanely busy, which is good, but it was surprising! I feel really blessed to have the co-workers that I do and I will miss them!

I am excited about this time to prepare for our wee one. I will be getting a pedicure tomorrow (tried to do it myself...nada) and Mom and I have plans for just about every day this week. I will be walking despite how swollen I get to try to coerce her into the world. Can't wait for the post "Welcome to the world Matilda!".

In other all know how much I have been waiting for this day...that's right Season Premiere of Gossip Girl Season 2!!! Erin and I have plans to chat about outfits, happenings, etc. I really can't wait. Gossip Girl airs on the CW at 8:00pm eastern.

xoxo L


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fattycakes said...

I can't believe that Matilda is going to be here any day now! It's about time, right! I will so miss your face at work...but these next couple of months are going to be fabulous for your lil family!
Lots of love,

homemade grits said...

I hope all of your homemaking is going so well. I will miss you too sweet Jordan, but I would love for you to come and visit:)