Monday, August 4, 2008

Restaurant Review: Sun in my Belly

This past sunday was my Mama's birthday and we did something different this year. Rachel had a great idea to go to this cute restaurant in Decatur called Sun in my Belly, the name taken from a Picasso quote:

it has been said that when Picasso was asked what it was that compelled him to create, his response was the “Sun in my Belly”.

One sunday a month they have jazz brunch and this month it fell on Mama's birthday. We brought our own champagne and celebrated Mama's special day.

last two pictures taken from Rachel's flickr

If you look closely you can see the beautiful Cosafina earrings Daddy gave Mama for her birthday!

Back to the food...we all had breakfast and it was phenomonal. Some of the best scrambled eggs I've ever had and the buttermilk biscuit was incredible! The presentations were simple, but creative like the restaurant itself. The restaurant had high ceilings with white chinese lanterns, vintage lockers, minimal decoration, and beautiful floral arrangements. The staff was extremely warm and helpful. We had the loveliest time. I can't wait to go back!

source: Sun in my Belly

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mommy. JX