Friday, September 12, 2008

Eggplant and Unfavorable Cervixes

Well, last night my lovely family took me to Scalini's, famous for inducing labor with their eggplant parmagiana. Click on the link for the legend and the recipe if you don't live near by.

the baby wall

I have half of mine left for dinner, so I'm going to try and milk it for all it's worth. If you go in to labor within 48 hours of eating it then you get a $25 gift card and a onesie and her picture will go on the baby wall!!

I had another doctors appointment today. If I haven't returned your phone call it's because I'm tired of saying I'm still pregnant. Forgive me.

I love my doctor so much. She said my cervix was still unfavorable for delivering. It looks like my original due date may in fact be correct. Who knows. I feel so down in the dumps and like she's never coming. I know she will, but I'm so anxious about the labor and delivery. I just want her to be healthy and in my arms.

Mom and I did make the most of our day by stopping by Lenox and getting some retail therapy. I had a gift certificate to Pottery Barn Kids so I got some adorable plates and bowls, but sadly I can't find them online.

Matilda...we are waiting with open arms!

ps I came home today to a cowering dog and his shredded bed. Alteast it wasn't the couch.

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fattycakes said...

Still no Matilda?! I bet it's any day now! I can't wait to meet her tiny face! Today was my last day at Perimeter...very bittersweet since I will miss you and Em like crazy! You two keep me sane!

Get that baby out!

Lots of Love,

Jodi said...

you're almost there, almost there!!!!!!! :-)