Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The last 2 days in short

What a roller coaster of emotions this week. It has been absolutely comical watching Sam and I stumble over each other to figure things out.

Monday was our first outing. The car seat was a big deal and then she was comfy and fine. We had our first pediatrician appt and we were 30 min late. We get to the office and it was so messy, toys everywhere, files scattered. It felt dirty to me and I was instantly uncomfortable. The doctor was recommended to us based on him spreading out the vaccines. When I told him this he said, "Actually, that's not true." This statement after being totally turned off by his messy appearance, office, only accepting cash or check ,and long finger nails. To top it off Matilda had to get a shot which broke my heart and then we had to wait forever to get her blood taken to see her jaundice levels.

In short... a night mare. We got home and I wasn't much for company, so I was cranky with my visitors. Keep in mind I've been on NO sleep.

Then, the kicker, Matilda had explosive diarrhea. It was so scary, coming out over and over again. I had Sam call in a panic to get Em's pediatrician's number. The nurse was calm and said everything was probably fine. My milk had just come in, so the nurses thought it was from her body getting used to it. We made an appt for the following morning. Sam had me take a bath and a nap while my Mom came over and Rachel helped. Matilda was also not alert all day, she seemed drugged and wouldn't nurse. It was terrifying!

Tuesday we "woke up" early and had our appt with our new pediatrician. The office was nice and clean and we could not have loved the doctor more. Emily has great taste!

She said Matilda was great, she had already gained weight, was less jaundiced, and was having normal poops. The lethargy had also been from my milk coming in. She recommended me expressing some milk and using the bottles to get her to be more alert.

Sam helped me figure out the scary pump and she was already more alert after having some time to get used to the milk. Praise the Lord.

I got to take another nap and then Anna, Lynndaddy, and Grammy came over. Anna got to feed Tilda her first bottle. It was very sweet.

We also got a bit more rest after mastering the swaddle! Success!

I've also really seen through this experience who I can really count on and I'm so thankful to have those friends and family. Having people that are so invested in seeing Matilda have a wonderful life makes me feel so blessed.

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Krizzle said...

Love all the pictures, Lesley! As far as the vaccines go, spreading them out is a good idea and the doctor doesn't have to agree. Just insist! Also, don't ever let them give her a vaccine during a sick visit.

Erin said...

I'm so happy that she's adjusting to being outside of your tummy!! I am praying for y'all all the time. I love you! xoxo

p.s- One week b-day tomorrow :)