Thursday, September 25, 2008

A day of firsts

Yesterday was a day of firsts. We had a really nice day. It was so nice operating on a little more sleep. We had lunch with Grammy and Lynndaddy. Lynndaddy wouldn't eat lunch because he wanted to hold Matilda. Matilda wore her first pair of shoes, given to her by Aunt Jessie. I'm ready for her to get back from the beach...

Then we went for our first stroll. I could only make it for about 2 laps, but Matilda was awesome in her first pair of sunglasses given to her by her Nana.

The weather has been sooooo amazing. We loved being outside.

Later that afternoon we received another blessing from our church Trinity Vineyard, they have been bringing us the most delicious meals every other day, and we've met the nicest people. Yesterday we had meatloaf, brownies, green beans, potato salad, and carrots. YUM!

That night my whole sweet family came over to witness Matilda's first bath! I was a little nervous, but we cleaned her up really good and after I put on lotion that Ashley had given us and she smelled like a little dream boat. PS Ash, where did you get it???

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aunt karen said...

Lesley, she is always so alert! I love getting to see all the pictures. She is already stylin.
Can't wait to see her in person. Maybe this weekend, if you are up to it.
Love ya!

hiking in stilettos said...

Oh my Les, that picture with the hooded towel is simply PRECIOUS!!! I really can't wait to meet her when things calm down a bit for you.

I got the lotion at Target, of course. They have an entire line of natural, organic products that smell yummy!

Give sweet little Tilda some love for me!


homemade grits said...

thanks Ashley! you are welcome to over whenever! next week is pretty wide open:)

carol at A Second Cup said...

Lesley, She is so beautiful! And has excellent taste in shoes already.

homemade grits said...


Sunday sounds great if you want to come over! I think Janice and Joe are coming then so we could make a whole date out of it!

Love you so much!

laurakirkland said...

Love this whole post.. LOVE the shoes.. the stoller.. OMG.. girl! ha ha.. stop it..