Friday, September 26, 2008

Yay, I rule at life

I was so excited today to go to the pediatricians office and have them tell me that Matilda gained all of her weight back! They don't call 'em jugs for nothing. I feel like I am finally mastering nursing my daughter and it is a very powerful feeling!

Other than hearing that glorious news, we had a visit from Kathleen. She brought the sweetest gift and delicious pumpkin bread, which I'm about to sneak a bite of!

Then Skye and Anna came by with coca cola cupcakes from the West die for!

We seriously have the best friends. It was so fun to catch up and talk about everything under the sun...from politics to the crazy gas situation to what it feels like to birth a child. Wonderful, wonderful times!

Right now I am multi tasking with my sweet baby resting on my chest.

What a sweet life. It's important to soak up all of the joys that having a child brings.

Being a new mom brings a whole host of emotions. I just look at Matilda and tears stream down my face. It is a powerful thing.

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fattycakes said...

Les, I can't wait to come meet her and hear all about this birthin'! I hope I will be able to get gas soon and then I want to come visit. I miss seeing your face so much and I can't wait to see Matilda's!

Anonymous said...

we had such a good time, i cant wait to see her again! love anna b

homemade grits said...


we will look forward to it! miss youuuuu!!!

Fidget said...

love when they crash so hard they they start catching flies