Monday, September 22, 2008

When Guinness met Matilda

I'm trying to post atleast one post a day, so here goes. Today we introduced our english/american bulldog, Guinness, to Matilda. I had been a little anxious about this encounter but Sam made sure that everything was Cesar-approved. He picked Guinness up and exercised him to get him in a calm-submissive state and then we took a hat they gave us at the hospital for him to smell. We then took Matilda outside after getting her fed and comfortable. The result-instant love!

Step 1 : Happy baby

Step 2: Obedient dog

Step 3: Long arm of the Dad

Step 4: Meeting of fur child and real child

We love Guinness and he was our first "child" so we wanted him to still know how much we love him.

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jodi Kendall said...

yay! the bond has begun!

Claire said...

Aw Guinness is gonna be so sweet with her! And I think it's great when babies grow up with dogs . . . then they're never scared of canines! Next step: Introduce Matilda to Ignatius. What do you think? ;)

Rachel Kay said...

claire!!! hahahaha.
i just laughed out loud at work!
ignatius and babies--bahaha. hilarious.

i knew he would do wonderfully.

skye whitley said...

i mean, i have been waiting on this encounter for nine months. i just read this to angus and he seemed confused. i explained to him that he was an uncle to a little baby girl and he still looked confused. whatever, i am so thrilled to see these pictures!

Erin said...

G's face in the last shot is priceless! What a wonderful family you have :)