Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Qualities I admire

Times have been tough here lately for a lot of people. Sam and I have had several friends lose their jobs and a lot of people are having their bonuses and salaries cut back and ends are harder to meet. As difficult and scary as all of these situations can be I feel like God is speaking to all of us, telling us to trust in Him and getting us back to our values and skills. When it's not as easy for us to buy convenience and pamper ourselves, what we're made of shines through. We become a bit more creative and the beautiful hands that God has given us get put to the test. Right now we are all given an opportunity to love those around us and to take heed of what is truly important.

This brings me to qualities that I admire in others:

The ability to whip up a home cooked meal.
So many women in my family are amazing cooks. They can use ingredients they have lying around to create a feast. The best part is the food is always made with love.


Showing those around you love, whether it be with a kind note, warm gesture, going out of ones way to make someone else feel loved.

Being able to create things with your hands. What an amazing thing to be able to make beautiful things. I love the idea of a handmade Christmas, so often we claim we don't have time, but crafts are good for the soul.

credit:in the cottage

Cheering on others makes the world a better place.


Believing, praying, loving, all things I aspire to.

I want to possess all of these qualities for my family and loved ones. and then pass them down to my children.


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Christy Harrison said...

What lovely thoughts. (ps... thanks for the shout out :o)

Angela said...

Great post. I also love the idea of a handmade Christmas; Since mid-summer, I've been brewing some ideas about aprons for all the ladies in my family, one may come to fruition tonight!