Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweet mail

I must say I am much more refreshed this morning after about an hour more of sleep and a shower. There really is something to be said about clean hair! Getting ready for the day takes on a new meaning. Feed Matilda, make sure she's happy and asleep, rush to shower and get out to let Guinness out, pump, make breakfast, coffee, before our princess stirs. Phew! Now I am one hand typing to give a update while she sleeps.

Yesterday I received the sweetest package in the mail from my friend Lauren:

Look at the paper doll burp cloths. Soooo cute!

Here is Tilda wearing her new booties from Lauren. Lauren cracks me up, She said she was worried about them fitting and thought Matilda would be in kindergarten before she got them in the mail. No worries, they fit perfectly!

Here she is wearing her long sleeve onesie from Christina! Perfect for this beautiful weather.

Thank you so much Lauren and Christina

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