Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mama needs a drink has been just a little exhausting. Matilda did not sleep a wink last night, until about 4 am. By the end of the night I was covered in spit up so I took a hot bath, which was lovely.

Today was not very productive. The house is a wreck, no laundry was attempted, and shoot me now I've been using the disposable diapers. Girlfriend is whooped.

Matilda is just so adorable, otherwise I might fall over.

Today I experimented with the pump. Not much else could make you feel more like a cow. The nurse said in order to keep milk from shooting out her nose that I should pump and monitor the amount of food that she's getting.

I don't feel like I'll ever know what I'm doing!

Mom brought me some mylicon drops which will hopefully help with her tummy.

Tonight involves a walk to soak up the crisp fall air and a Heroes marathon. Maybe just maybe I'll get a little more sleep tonight!

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Anonymous said...

love reading your blog! You are doing such an amazing job, let your self off the hook on the diapers. If the milk is coming out her nose while feeding, she is having a hard time keeping up with the let down. If you lean back in a chair and relax while nursing, gravity will work with you and lessen the force on her.

Anonymous said...

WoW!! You are a mama!! Great job for nursing and CDing, both can be challenging at times but so worth it!! Matilda is just beautiful and you look wonderful! Good luck and enjoy this babymoon, as you've no doubt been warned that it FLYs by, and it does!

~Angela from Starbucks (found your blog from Christy's much publicized blog!!)

Rachel Kay said...

i love you, booboo.

becky said...

The mylicon drops will really help! Just give her a few drops after her meal, slip that paci in and she should feel instant relief. Remember not to be too hard on yourself :) xox