Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today my darling daughter will not sleep. I don't know why. All of my hopes of cleaning up have been squashed. I'll get her to sleep and then as soon as she realizes I'm not holding her she's a squalling mess. Right now she is sound asleep for the first time for longer than 2 minutes and it's because she nestled soundly in my neck. Keep in mind it's 3:00pm! I'm whooped!

Here is a two minute snooze thanks to her chickie towel:

I'm just so happy right now because she's happy and asleep:)

Meanwhile in my search for great recipes I came across the best blog! I love it and it has so many pictures! Introducing...The Pioneer Woman. I'm addicted and everything looks absolutely amazing. For instance:

Decadent chocolate milk

ps in other Matilda news, I got my first real smile yesterday. It was amazing, but none since:( Also, she is noticing more and more around her. Here she is looking at her birdie and heart:

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Kellee said...

The pictures are precious! And I may also become addicted to the newly discovered blog! Thanks for sharing! As far as your wee one not sleeping today anywhere but with you - I would go with the idea that she just needs some extra special Mama time, and clean tomorrow.

Erin said...

I love pioneer woman! She has great recipes!!!