Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You are one month old

Dear Matilda,

Today at 9:27 pm you will be one month old. It is very hard to believe that four weeks have passed since you came in to our lives. We have loved every second, even when you are grunt crying at four in the morning! We'll have a good laugh about that one day. You are sleeping so soundly right now and you look like the tiniest angel. I am such a blessed Mama.

You have had a busy four weeks. You have met most of our family and a lot of our friends. Everyone says that you are so beautiful and that you don't look like a newborn. We think you're special. I think God created you in such a unique way and that the timing of your coming to this earth was no accident. Everyone also says that you have very long fingers and toes. You love to grip anything with them and we love to hold your sweet hands. People also notice how strong and alert you are. Again, you are special.

You have had many firsts...just to name a few:

first road trip
first bath
first time at church
first stroll
first mountain walk
first photo shoot
first doctors appointment

I've tried to document them all in a way that's fun for you to look back on. I need to get started on your baby book. I've had ideas running through my head all day!

You've been doing so well and making us so proud. You eat like a little champ, but meals are usually followed by milk spewing out your nose. Mama doesn't like that and it scares Daddy too. I hope that won't last long. You are holding your head up very well and I'm going to start doing tummy time with you every day. You are the sweetest baby. You stare right in to our eyes when we talk to you. You let out the sweetest little sounds and we get gassy smiles from you that we pretend are just for us. We love you Matilda and we know there is so much joy yet to come.

Happy one month birthday sweet daughter!

All my love,

Your Mama

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Baby Tilda! We love you. Love Aunt Jessie & Uncle Travis

Kate said...

i can't believe it's been a month! She's perfect, and she's lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Erin said...

I love that "her" pose seems to be one little fist under the chin. She is already fabulous! And such a blessing. Congrats on one month Grahams!