Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Amy Butler on sfgirlbybay

I have been a long time fan of textile designer Amy Butler and I was so excited to see the interview and home tour featured on popular blog sfgirlbybay

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I love Amy's designs and would love to make a quilt out of her fabrics one day. They are so beautiful!

I've been thinking about signing up for a quilt making class. I want to find a hip one, but it would be cool to be the youngest in the class!

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Angela said...

Me too! I love Amy Butler! She was very popular amoungst my carrier clients!! A nice byproduct of that is a closet full of designer cuts!

I could have swonr you had a wuilt with some Amy on it, in a pic here on your blog,...hmmm.

homemade grits said...

no, no amy fabric here! i bet the carriers looked amazing. great for you to have some extra to play with. i really want to relearn sewing...